GraphQL-Querying a Bus

Making something useful; an ESP8266 that tells you when the bus gets here.

Example-Query for the code

I’ve been working a lot with APIs lately and figured that making something displaying information from an API with an ESP and an OLED sounded like a perfect weekend project. Preferably for something that i actually need to know, like when the bus gets here! But; GraphQL-queries….

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Shift Registers. Never be short on pins again

If you need to control a lot of inputs / outputs on a MicroController, Shift registers are the way to go. In this project I’m using shift registers to build a circuit that control endless LEDS from 5 pins of a Micro controller

Homemade Shift register Module

Homemade Shift register Module

I’m making a LED display inspired by the old-timey neon signs with handwritten font; The LEDs will light up one by one to illuminate the sign.
In this project i used the Digispark attiny85: These tiny boards only have 6 GPIO pins so to manage a large amount of LEDS with a limited number of pins, you’ll need shift registers.

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